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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Am I worthless???

Got a lot to accomplish. But I'm so ignorant. Wasting my valuable time in unnecessary activities. When I'm pressed with a lot of work, I'm unable to complete even one. When I do one thing, I'm unable to concentrate on it because my mind is with the other. So, I keep everything aside and finally end up in nothing. I don't know how I can manage with it. I don't like to take stresses. So I just ignore, but ultimately being trapped in it.

I think my attitude need to be changed to say 'NO' when I should, because I'm unable to say 'No' to anybody when they approach me and I happened to carry their loads also on my head. At times, I loose my character to keep promises and it makes me feel I'm worthless.

Most of the time my activities are based on what my heart says. What my brain says is less important to me and that's where the problem starts. Because my mind wants to be so relaxed so I do things that console my heart. I'm a right brain dominant person. Being exceptionally cool in the most pressurized situation is my greatest strength and at times, it is the worst weakness.

I'm a dreamy person and I have a lot of dreams.. My inner heart is very powerful which thinks everything is possible. But my reality is so weak.

Any ways, I should find a magic in me to change my present and to utilize my inner power to the most. Hope I can do it. Yaa Allah,.. Give me strength and support to move forward.. 

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